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Rugby is a popular game all over the world, especially in Europe. It has become the third most popular sporting event in the world. Through hard work, dedication and strong gaming skills, these players have gained fame and notoriety. Below is a list of the very best rugby players in the world.

Willie Ambaka (Kenya)

Nicknamed the Lomu of Kenya, Ambaka was a forward when Mike Friday took charge of the national team. The decision to transfer this powerful player to the center and to the flanks paid off one hundred percent. Ambaka showed his best at the World Series in Wellington and helped the club defeat New Zealand and reach the final.
Thanks to his game, the Kenyan national team was able to reach the finals of major competitions three more times this season. It was a huge breakthrough for the young player who, along with Oscar Uma, brothers Humphrey Kayange and Collins Injera, represents the club’s main strength.






Rayno Benjamin, (South Africa)

Rayno Benjamin was one of four Rugby 15 players who were again invited to the club by coach Paul True. And he may well bring many victories to South Africa if his physical form and speed meet the requirements of the “seven”.
The fact that the head coach chose to leave the likes of Kakkowski and Basson out of the national team suggests that Benjamin impressed him in training with his willingness to play at high speeds. In the World Series of the 2008/2009 season, Benjamin played a key role in the victory of South Africa, and apparently nothing prevents him from doing this now.






Bernard Foley (Australia)

Foley excelled as a wandering midfielder against Great Britain and Ireland and, according to coach Michael O’Connor, was a valuable addition to the club ahead of the World Cup in Moscow. A connoisseur of rugby sevens specifics, Foley should fit in easily with James Stannard and a recovering captain, Ed Jenkins, to help the fledgling Australian rugby team.






Tim Mikkelson (New Zealand)

Mikkelson’s consistently high level of play and qualities as a leading rugby sevens player make Mikkelson the epitome of the very best in New Zealand rugby. A large flank player in the “tag”, in the “seven” Mikkelson acts fearlessly in the fight. It was he who led his rugby team to success in the World Series in the absence of the injured DJ Forbes. Mikkelson not only played productively in the national team under the leadership of Gordon Tietjens for several years, but was always the soul of the company.
At the tournament, fans will be able to see that he can be equally effective on the field with the ball and without the ball. Also noteworthy is the performance of young point guard Gillies Kaka, who helped the team a lot in his debut season.





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