Rugby teaches teamwork, develops the ability for mutual respect between athletes

“Features of rugby are the ability to make quick decisions, initiative, interaction with people during matches and after,” says Baizat Khamidova, a professional player of the Krasny Yar team.

The bottom line is that the players of one team, passing the oval ball with their hands and feet, bring it into the opponent’s in-goal. Fights, grabs and blocks that interfere with their goal and are present in abundance contribute to a powerful adrenaline rush. It is a universal sport in which you need to be able to grab like in wrestling, handle the ball and hands like in basketball, kick like in football, and run like a good athlete.

The most important thing is that a person learns to work in a rugby team, the ability to stand through pain to the end and strive for victory.

Everyone can start playing rugby, there are no restrictions on gender or age

In the early stages, the level of physical fitness does not play a role. Anyone can find a suitable position on the rugby field, based on their capabilities. By the way, there are both purely female and mixed teams.
Class at the discretion of the rugby coach lasts from one to two hours and begins with a warm-up. The first training sessions are introductory in nature and include practicing the most important techniques, such as “passing” the sword. For a beginner, the main thing is to master the technique: passing, catching, grabbing, feint, kicking the ball, as well as developing your physical data.

Inexperienced rugby team players, based on their capabilities and the task of the coach, participate to the maximum in the activities of the main group. This allows you to learn from a good example and not lose interest, standing aside.
The training also includes track and field exercises or exercises on simulators, learning and consolidating tactical schemes. A beginner’s training includes a lot of ball games – the main techniques are learned during them.

Get ready for the fact that not everything will turn out right away

Do not be upset, further rugby training and advice from more experienced guys from the team will help you improve with each lesson. The main thing is to take the first step and come to the training.

Rugby strengthens the circulatory system, increases endurance, develops agility and muscles of the whole body. Speed ​​skills are improved by high dynamics; technical elements have a positive effect on coordination; power skills are also developed. Negotiated workouts – a mixture of strength training and aerobic exercise; they contribute to a decrease in body weight, a set of muscles, the appearance of a relief. The upper shoulder girdle noticeably develops, the body is tightened and becomes athletic.

During the rugby session, it is important to be focused – most injuries happen from inattention. During team training, not only the body works, but also the head, because the tactical component is also important.