Rugby has a lot of fans all over world

Since existence of rugby as a sport more and more joined global tournaments and for this purpose a governing body was created. This governing body developed a new rating system every four years based on the results of clubs taking part in tournament competitions. In recent years, rating system has been dominated by NZ, Australia, and other states where this game is popular.

New Zealand all time favourite

All Blacks under this name prominent rugby club of New Zealand most often became champion of tournaments. NZ won it 3 times and took second place 3 times. It is the best statistics in comparison to other clubs. Monroe brought game to New Zealand, after which he gained momentum after the formation of Canterbury Rugby Football Association in 1879. All Blacks debuted in 1903 and took part in Australian part of contention and ultimately won. Since then rugby team took part in all tournaments and never missed it. However, majority of people know this club for the traditional dance they perform – haku.


Australia – one of the oldest teams on the planet

Founded in the nineteenth century, Australian national rugby club, Wallabies, is second most successful team on planet. Team’s first appointment was versus British team in 1899, where Ozzie won. Australia has played in all twice-won tournaments.
Australia’s 1 breakthrough at World Cup was in 1991, where they beat England, followed by a second victory in 1999 over France. In 2003 and 2015, the club took second place, and in 2011 they had 2 place. Australia’s greatest victory and defeat so far has been against African side; club defeated Namibia by 140 points in 2003 and lost to SA by 53 points against eight in 2008.



SAR- another strong team

The South African national team, also known as Springbox, sprouted after Britain’s first tourney of SAfrica in 1891, followed by Africa’s first tourney of Britain and France in 1906, nicknamed Springbox. After that, the club remained rival, gaining most of its matches.
SA missed World Cup in 1987 and 1991 rugby championship postponed them due to infamous regime. Springbox returned with force after their recovery, winning World Cup in 1995 and 2007. Springboxing took third place in the 1999 and 2015 World Cups.



The best rugby players

Englishman Johnny Wilkinson became the top scorer in World Cup season. New Zealand’s Grand Fox is the leader with most marks in single season . Kulhane set two records at once, for highest number of points scored in one rugby match and for the highest number of transfers during 1 game. England’s Leonard sets record for most games in World Cup contest, 22 games.