These women break all of the stereotypes

People think: “Rugby is a sport for mighty people ”, “Rugby is not the right game for fragile girls”, but these great females prove that all these prejudices are wrong. We bring you best female athletes .

Rochelle Clark

Rochelle Clark MBE is an English rugby union player. Rochelle played her country at 2010 Female World Cup and was part of tFrance Women’s Team in 2014. Clarke won her 50th place at the 2010 Women’s World Cup, becoming England’s second-best international at the time. Rochelle received the Order of Merit in Sports in 2015.





Margherita Alfonsi

“Maggie” Alfonsi MBE is an English rugby union player who is a flanker for the WRFC Saracens and England national team.
Alfonsi was born in Lewisham, south London, and was born with a club foot, which she had to overcome in order to play. Maggie ended her performing career in 2014. Now Maggie is a head trainer and continues to lobby women’s participation and training in this sport.
Margaret was a representative for 2015 World Cup and representative for several non-profits and charities, all of which aim to give African young children hope for future through rugby.






Katherine Merchant

Katherine Merchant is English union athlete. Sha played her country at 2010 female Cup and was also named to 2014 Women’s trophy squad. She was part of 2013 World Cup team in 2007.









Magali Harvey

Harvey plays one of the most popular sports in the world – rugby. Magali represented Canada at the 2014 Women’s Cup. Magali was named 2014 IRB Player of Year and was first Canadian athlete to win award.
Magali won the gold medal at the 2015 Pan American Games. She started playing at the age of 18 and during her college years she played at St. Francis Xavier University.








Portia Woodman

Woodman is a player from New Zealand who has played for this team since his junior years. He has been a regular member of the New Zealand national club since 2012. Woodman played for the Northern Mystics before joining national team. She first played for her country as part of the Black Ferns in 2013 versus England.








Cheryl Sun

Cheryl San is an athlete who has now completed her career. Cheryl played for Australia in both codes of the game and was part of the dream team of 2010, which became the third in the competition. In 2012, Cheryl became Captain of Vallard and won the women’s trophy with her team. In the end, Australia won the World Cup.








What else should you know about rugby?

Rugby is an exciting sport with lots of interesting details to learn. Follow the events, get to know more cool athletes and become an expert.